July 11th, 2014

Meeting with Pawel Zalewski, Co-Chairman of Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum Subject for discussion at the meeting: "Ukraine on Its Way Towards European Integration".

Among the visitors present at the meeting were: Polish journalist, PhD of political sciences Andrzej Grajewski, the secretary of Polish-Ukrainian Partnership Forum Paweł Trzcinski, deputy head of Kharkiv regional public administration Ivan Varchenko, the representatives of higher education institutions and of municipal community.

Mr. Zalewski noted in his presentation that, first and foremost, the EU meant European values and standards due to which every citizen must have voting rights and influence on the authorities. It was stressed that after signing the Association the Ukrainians also received a chance to exercise their rights, and that the main thing at the moment wasto take that chance. Besides, Mr. Grajewski pointed out the necessity for mass media to work purposefully in order to create a truthful and positive image of Ukraine in Europe. The representatives of the municipal community expressed their readiness to put the goals laid out during the meeting into practice.

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July 11th, 2014

The Institute, represented by the director L.O. Bielova and associate professor of economic policy and management department D.A. Tymokha (partner of the program), met with Olha Svyrydenko, head of the Microsoft Ukraine program "Partnership in Learning". Subjects for discussion were the use of informational technologies in the educational process, directions for further cooperation between the Institute and Microsoft.


From 25 June to 4 July 2014

Volodymyr Streltsov took part in the Second ENP Ph.D. Summer School, entitled: "Between Continuity and Change: The EU, the ENP and the Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood", which was held at the College of Europe, Natolin campus (Warsaw) with support of the European Neighbourhood Policy Chair.The school brought together and trained a group of 16 Ph.D. students from all across Europe in theoretical, empirical and research-strategic issues on the subject matter, as well as encouraged the exchange of their expertise. Additionally, the aim was to support the participants in furthering their research projects.

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May 2014


May 29rd, 2014

The fourth international forum "Ukraine – EU: new level of cooperation", which was supported by Jean Monnet programme, took place. Among the participants were European and Ukrainian experts, representatives of the diplomatic corpus accredited in Ukraine and in Kharkiv, the officers of local executive bodies and local self-government institutions of Kharkiv region, scolars and specialists of European integration, economic development and public administration, leaders of non-governmental organizations, students and mass media.

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May 23rd, 2014

The Institute hosted a public lecture of former vice-premier and minister of finance of the Republic of Poland, professor Grzegorz Kolodko on the topic "Quarter Century of Transformations – Success or Failure" Among the visitors present were: Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv Mr. Yan Granat, leading scolars and academics of Kharkiv, representatives of Kharkiv regional public administration.

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May 15rd, 2014

The Institute held a panel discussion "Experience of Effective Work of Governmental Bodies in Germany" based on the results of MPA students’ internship in Germany in the frame of celebrating Days of Europe.


May 12th – 24th, 2014

A group of MPA students and a PhD student of Kharkiv regional institute headed by the lecturer from foreign languages department S.M. Sasnyk took internship in Marburg, Germany.

As a part of their internship the students visited: finance department of Marburg city council; the centre of free aid and food distribution for low-income citizens; the centre of social rehabilitation for people with limited physical and mental possibilities; the enterprise specializing in producing electric energy from biological gas via recycling biomaterials; city general school; got acquainted with historical and cultural heritage of Marburg; visited the Allendorf museum dedicated to hard luck of international workers of DuPont powder factory during World War II; got acquainted with the work of Allendorf police. The interns made a trip to Frankfurt, Potsdam and the capital of Germany — Berlin, where they had an excursion to the German Bundestag.

The interns also participated in a panel discussion moderated by Oberburgermaster of Marburg Egon Faupel, where they discussed the peculiarities of self-government in Germany, the realization of social programs, ways of diversifying energy sources and of reducing energetic dependence of Germany from other countries etc. The political, social and economic situation in Ukraine did not remain unmentioned. Egon Faupel expressed sympathy and support to the Ukrainian people in overcoming the crisis in the country.


April 2014


April 29rd, 2014

As a part of celebrating the Days of Europe with Jean Monnet Chair support, the Institute hosted a meeting with Consul General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkiv Yan Granat, and an open lecture on the topic "Experience of Social Transformations in Poland" by Polish labour organization activist and politician, a leader of "Solidarity" movement Zbigniew Bujak.

Mr. Bujak told the audience about the main issues that the Republic of Poland faced while becoming a rightful EU member, as well as the part of public administration in the transition period and the importance of public servants’ preparation.

Mr. Bujak, as a former head of General customs administration of the Republic of Poland, shared his experience of reforming customs and tax service, introducing efficient tools of fighting corruption, as well as ways of stimulation and motivation for customs workers to work better.

Afterwards followed the panel discussion "Decentralization of Authority: European Experience and Prospectives" based on the results of internship that MPA students had had at the National School of Public Administration (Warsaw).

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April 25rd, 2014

Associate professor of economic policy and management department D.A. Tymokha took part in the II international educational conference on the topic "Informational Technologies in Education: Improving Education Process" held by Hryhorivska International School (HIS, Donetsk).

The speakers were the experts of education from Finland and Switzerland. The conference took the form of workshops during which teachers and professors got acquainted with the use of new technologies in education in practice.

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April 23rd, 2014

The Institute's administration met with the AER (Assembly of European Regions) President, Mrs. Hande Bozatli, and AER Secretary General, Mr. Pascal Goergen. The head of the AER working group on the relations with Ukrainian regions, Mr. Viacheslav Berezhnyi, was also present at the meeting. The issue under discussion was the cooperation between AER and KRI NAPA, and the parties made a decision to hold a seminar on the matters of decentralization and regional government in the institute.

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April 7th, 2014

The Institute's administration met Consul General of Poland in Kharkiv, Mr. Jan Granat. A range of priorities in the exchange of information and experience in public administration, public policy, public service and in education of public servants was defined in the course of the meeting.


April 6th – 16th, 2014

A group of eleven 1st year MPAs students headed by Mrs. Iryna Lutovinova took an educational trip to Germany (Berlin and Bremen). The visit became possible thanks to the grant given by DAAD (German Association of Academic Exchanges). To exchange experience and knowledge the students visited such institutions as Free University of Berlin, Bundestag, Global Public Policy Institute, European Council on International Relations, Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences.


April 4th, 2014

The Institute's professors, Mrs. V. V. Mamonova and Mr. M. A. Latynin, took part in the working session at the National Academy of Public Administration attached to the Office of the President of Ukraine in the frame of EBED project. The vice president of the National Academy, Mrs. Maryna Bilynska, also participated in the session, as well as the EBED project director, mr. Paul Darby, the EBED project director in Ukraine, Mr. Ihor Sanzharovskyi, EBED project advisers, colleagues from regional institutes that take part in the design of educational materials within the EBED project. The principal issue on the working session's agenda was the discussion of introducing an educational course on forecasting territorial development at the National Academy and in its regional institutes.


March 31st – April 4th, 2014

1st year MPA students got acquainted with the functioning of Poland's public administration as part of their educational visit to National School of Public Administration (Warsaw, Poland). Apart from academic lectures held by the National School's professors and alumni, MPA students attended the Ministries of Economic Affairs, of Infrastructure and Development, of Labour and Social Policy, of Administration and Digitalization, as well as the Office of the Head of the Ministers Council, the Office of Sejm, and the Office of the President. They also visited the institutions of local self-government (Warsaw City Council and the executive body of Masovian Voivodeship). It became possible thanks to the support of the "Study Tours to Poland" programme and Jean Monnet programme.

General principles of public administration functioning in Poland were presented to the students by professor Sławomir Seszkowski. This meeting was naturally followed by the visit to the Public Service Department of the Office of the Head of Ministers Council, during which a National School graduate – the Department's director, Mr. Dagmir Długosz – introduced everyone present to the peculiarities of public service.

In the course of educational meetings in other public authority institutions and in local self-government institutions various issues were raised, such as: strategic planning, steady development of regions and cities, implementation of quality control system, EU fund application.

The students also had an opportunity to meet the head of the National School, Mr. Jan Pastwa, and their fellow students. The seminar with the National School's students gave ground for animated discussion of the issue of Ukraine's integrational pace.

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